Call for Associated Partners


SEFIRA has the objective of creating a European coordination of transdisciplinary approaches ranging from atmospheric to social and economic sciences in order to support the review and implementation of air quality legislation by the European Commission (EC) led by DG Environment. In particular, SEFIRA aims at achieving a deeper understanding of these complex issues. Individual behaviours and choices will be analysed in a socio-economic context ranging from the local to the European level. The main fields involved in the action will be atmospheric sciences, sociology, anthropology, geography and economics. The project strategy will support the development of a new European appraisal of problems and resources in the field. The coordination between partners will carry out a pilot survey and test policy implementation scenarios through, case study analysis, discrete choice models and ecosystem services evaluation.

Stakeholders will be involved from the beginning of the project in a process of dialogue and cooperative problem solving in order to ensure relevance and robustness as the work progresses from local to European level.


The SEFIRA consortium is composed of eight partners: five universities, two research institutes and one small medium enterprise (SME). The project consortium brings together researchers from different European regions. The Departments involved in the project are strongly committed at developing a coordinated and more effective relationship between disciplines and istitutions including the European Commission.

The role of the SEFIRA associated partners is to provide a distinctive contribution to the work and analyses that the consortium plans to perform in the various work packages. Inputs from Associated partners will have methodological and policy relevance and will help not only improving the project dissemination and social impact at the European, National and Regional level but also to discuss each work package outputs.

For this reason, a call is issued to invite research institutions, policy makers, Non Governamental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations to submit proposals to become SEFIRA Associates. The call that will be permanently open until the last phase of the project (January 2016) . 


Associated partners, will be invited to workshops and to project management team meetings. Associated will benefit from and actively contribute to the network’s joint research, coordination, integration, dissemination activities (conferences, workshops, access to data, access to facilities, web-based information, communication and environmental education tools, etc.). Associated will also be included in the SEFIRA mailing list and linked to the project’s social networks.

Costs sustained by SEFIRA Associated in order to participate to the mentioned activities should normally be covered by the SEFIRA Associated themselves. In exceptional cases, where their contribution is essential for the implementation of specific SEFIRA tasks, support may be available through the coordinators of single work packages. Priority support will be given to Associated from New Member States.


The following work packages (WP) are open for contribution by Associated that can choose a singular or multiple WP in which they can bring their expertise.

A more detailed list of Work Packages content is available on the Sefira website.

Work Package 2 – Atmospheric Sciences and Policies Review
Leading Institution International Institute for Applied System Analisys (IIASA)– Austria
Contact Dr. Markus

Work Package 3 – Individuality, Law, Society and Environmental Policies
Leading Institution Katholieke Universitet Leuven – Belgium
Contact Prof. Chris Kesteloot –

Work Package 4 – Pilot Study: Discrete Choice Analysis
Leading institution University of Urbino – Italy
Contact Prof. Paolo Polidori –

WP 5 Work Package 5 – Integration and policy guidelines
Leading institution King’s College – United Kingdom
Contact Prof. MartinWilliams –

Work Package 6 – Communication on Air Quality and Outreach
Leading institution Lund University – Sweden
Contact Prof. Guy Beaten –

The SEFIRA Managing Committee has the primary responsibility for the acceptance of the proposals submitted. Institutions may apply to different tasks, subprojects and outreach activities. However, in this case a different proposal should be submitted for each subscribed activity. Upon acceptance of the proposal(s), the SEFIRA Associates will be asked to sign a confidentiality Agreement with the Network, further they will agree to acknowledge the SEFIRA Consortium for any result or product of the research programme. Associates will also be required to report annually on results obtained within SEFIRA related activities to the coordinator of the Work Package.


The application form is to be filled in online by individuals or Institutions. In the case of Institutions please add the name of the person in charge in the “Name” field and a brief description of the Institution in the “CV” field.