UNIURB, Italy (Coordinator)

Name : Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo” – DESP and DISBEF
Address : Piazza Rinascimento 6
Town : Urbino
Region  : Marche
Country : ITALY
Contact Person: Prof. Michela Maione
Telephone : +39 0722303314  Fax : 39 0722303311
E-mail :
Website :

The Department of Economy, Society and Politics (DESP) of the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, will be the coordinating institution. DESP has wide experience of European Research and a good curriculum in social studies of public policies in various domains. It will have the support of a multidisciplinary team that is composed by the Department of Basic Sciences that hosts the Executive Secretary of the FP7 ACCENT-Plus project, which is providing scientific support for the review of EU Air Quality legislation. Economists from the Faculty of Law of the University of Urbino will provide the expertise in the use of Discrete Choice Models and economic implication of environmental policies.

The Department of Basic Sciences and Foundations holds together a wide range of scientific expertises in the fields of Physics, Natural Sciences and Chemistry


IIASA, Austria

Name: Internationale Institutut Für Agewandte Systemanalyse
Address: Schlossplatz 1
Town: Laxenburg
Region: Niederösterreich
Country: Austria
Contact Person: Dr. Markus Amman
Telephone +43 2236807432 

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis is a scientific research institute located in Laxenburg, near Vienna, Austria. Founded in 1972, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) conducts policy-oriented research into problems of a global nature that are too large or too complex to be solved by a single country or academic discipline. IIASA is sponsored by its National Member Organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Its research is independent and completely unconstrained by political or national self-interest.

K.U.LEUVEN, Belgium

Name: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Address: Oude Markt 13
Town: Leuven
Region: Brabant Flamand
Country: Belgium
Contact Person: Prof. Chris Kesteloot
Telephone: +32 16322432
Fax: +39 06 84488298

The KU Leuven Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is a young interfaculty department bringing geographers, geologists and bio-engineers together, to produce adequate natural and social scientific knowledge addressing environmental challenges. Human and physical geographers as well as bio-engineers specialized in soil and water, landscape and forest and bioeconomics are involved in the Department. As such, the Department is developing inter- and transdisciplinary research that bridges social and natural sciences.In this project, social geographers and bioeconomists will be involved. They will on the one hand act as the lead partners for WP 3, which addresses interrelations between individuals, society and environment and the other hand deliver the ecosystem services valuation in WP4. The members of the Leuven team all combine education modules and operate in institutional contexts in which both natural and social sciences are involved and this experience will be very useful in WP5 in which the dialogue between the partners from different disciplines will yield the fundamental added value of the project.


Name: Istituto di Scienze dell’Amosfera e del Clima-Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Address: P. Gobetti 101
Town: Bologna
Region Emilia: Romagna
Country: Italia
Contact Person: Dott. Sandro Fuzzi
Telephone: +390516399559

ISAC (Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate) is a national institute of CNR whose headquarters are located in Bologna on the southern outskirts of the Po Valley. The Institute is also composed of other six branches spread around the Country. Over 200 staff members, postdoctoral researchers, and students work at the Institute overall, focussing on understanding atmospheric processes and climate. The mandate of the Institute is to carry on research activities promotion and technology transfer in the following areas: i) meteorology and its applications, ii) climate change and predictability, iii) atmospheric structure and composition, iv) observations of the planet Earth. The Atmospheric Chemistry Group of the Institute carries out research on different key issue dealing with atmospheric composition change, climate and air quality, such as i) aerosol/cloud interaction, ii) the organic components of aerosol and clouds, iii) aerosol chemistry and physics, iv) cloud chemistry, v) urban and regional scale air pollution.


Name: Pragma Srl
Address: Via Bruxelles 61
Town: Roma
Region: Lazio
Country: Italy
Contact person: Dott.ssa Leni Avataneo
Telephone: +3906844881
Fax +39 0684488298

Pragma srl, established in Rome in 1971, is a full service company equipped with 100 CATI stations and 200 CAPI terminals, an integrated software for CATI, CAPI and CAWI interviews, in-house data processing centre, a network of 1.300 face to face interviewers distributed throughout the country and 250 telephone operators working in its CATI center. Pragma srl carries out market researches, opinion polls, industrial and business to business surveys, relying on a team of 20 researchers organized in four units (institutional, market, transport and tourism, mobility) to meet the requirements of public and private clients and enjoying fruitful cooperation with universities and leading study centers. In 2012 Pragma has established its own Center for Socio-Economic Studies, whose research team is dedicated to work on secondary data (Istat, Eurostat, Ministers, Chambers of Commerce, Industrial Trade Associations).


Name: Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie
Address: Al. Niepodleglosci 162
Town: Warszawa
Region: Mazovia
Country: Poland
Contact: Person: Prof. Piotr Bledowski
Telephone: +48 516019885
Fax +48 228121189

The Institute of Social Economy (Instytut Gospodarstwa Społecznego – IGS) of the Warsaw School of Economics was founded in 1920. The idea behind the creation of the Institute was identifying the social problems of contemporary Poland and development of theory and practice of social politics. Sociological material which many valuable analyses were based on. The Institute promoted active social politics with regard to social issues. Since 1990 the Institute has been researching: standards of living of families considering spatial diversification, EU labour market issues, unemployment and poverty, situation of the elderly, social care, level of social-medical need satisfaction in local environment. The Institute also focuses on carrying out tasks of social politics on the national, regional and local levels, as well as on the way the objects of social policy function.


Name: Lund Universitet
Address: Paradisgatan 5c
Town: Lund
Region: Götaland
Country: Sweden
Contact: Person Prof. Guy Baeten
Telephone: +46 462228404
Fax: +46 462228401

The Department of Human Geography at Lund University is one of the oldest and largest Geography departments in the Nordic world. The Department is strongly involved in externally funded research projects, such as the FP7 projects FESSUD (Financialisation, economy, society and sustainable development) which runs from 2011 to 2016 with 14 partners. ENTITLE (European Network for Political Ecology) is a network of 11 PhD candidates under the FP7 Marie Curie Action with 8 universities (2012-2016). The Lund University Centre of Excellence for Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability (LUCID) is a major research school (2008-2018) with 19 PhD candidates based at 8 Departments at Lund University, including Human Geography. The Department is closely affiliated with CIRCLE (Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy), the largest centre for innovation studies in the world. Finally, the Department has a Division of Human Ecology that has a long tradition in studying the impact of humankind on its environment and vice and versa.


Name: King’s College London
Address: Franklin Wikins Building, Stamford Street 150
Town: London
Region: London
Country: United Kingdom
Contact Person: Prof. Martin Williams
Telephone: +44 2078483844 Fax +44 20 7848 8187

The Environmental Research Group (ERG), at King’s College London, is a leading provider of air quality information and research in the UK. The Group, led by Professor Frank Kelly, consists of six teams: Monitoring, Emissions, Modelling, Lung Biology, Web Services and Science Policy. The group combines air pollution science, toxicology and epidemiology to determine the impacts of air pollution on health and the causal factors. We work closely with those responsible for air quality management to support policies and actions to minimise air pollution health effect.


Name: Universitat Wien
Address: A-1090 Wien, Rooseveltplatz 2
Town: Wien
Country: Austria
Contact person: Prof. Yuri Kazepov
Telephone:+43 (1) 4277- 49270



 The University of Vienna (UNIVIE) is the largest university in Austria with approx. 92.000 students enrolled in more than 180 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in 15 Faculties employing some 6900 academic staff. The Department of Sociology at UNIVIE is a dynamic Institute providing higher education – undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.A. and doctoral) programs –undertaking also research in the area of Social Sciences broadly conceived from work/organization and gender to migration/life course and inequalities, from urban studies, media and education to culture and media.

It has a particularly broad spectrum of methodological and scientific approaches, from large quantitative surveys to more qualitative oriented ethnographic work, including mixed methods. The Department has a long record of excellence in research and promoting scientific results among policy and practice circles. The department with the Prof. Yuri Kazepov and a Junior Researcher will be the Austrian partner in the project SEFIRA. Among the research projects recently conducted or ongoing by the local coordinator are the EU-funded GOETE Project (FP7, 2010-2013), IMPROVE (FP7, ongoing) INSPIRES (FP7, ongoing).