Here are listed the finished deliverables of the Sefira FP7 Project according to the Working Package (WP) in which they have been originally planned.


WP1 Coordination and Management

D1.1:External Advisory Board

D1.2: Associated Agreement

D1.3: Proceedings of the Sefira Final Symposium

WP 2 Atmospheric Science and Policies Review

D 2.1: Report on existing policies

D 2.2: Report on implementation issues in member states

WP3 Individuality, Law, Society and Environmental Policies

D3.1: Translating European air quality legislation and policies to the national regional and urban level: a social-analysis

D3.2: Research paper on the analysis on the effectiveness of policies

D3.3: Citizen responses to urban air pollution: a focus group analysis

WP4 Pilot Study: Discrete Choice Analysis

D4.1: Investigation on the possiblity of interaction between DCA and GAINS model

D4.2: Scientific methodological paper on the questionnaire preparation including WTP estimates

D4.3 CAWI survey database and additional choice experiment (available on demand, please contact

D4.4 Discrete Choice Model study results paper

D4.5 Guidelines for policy makers paper




WP5 Integration and Policy Guidelines

D5.1: Integrated Multidisciplinary Reports (English)

D5.2: Policy Brief N.1


D5.3: Common Glossary

D5.4 Integrated Multidisciplinary Report n.2

D 5.5 Policy Brief N. 2


D 5.6 Integrated Multidisciplinary Report n.3

D 5.7 Policy Brief N. 3

D 5.8 Scientific Integration Paper

D 5.9 Integrated Multidisciplinary Report n.4

D 5.10 Policy Brief N. 4

WP 6 Communication on Air Quality and Outreach