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EU Air Quality Policies: public debate and Sefira pilot study

Tweet   The recent release of the Clean Air Policy Package by the EU Commission on 18th of December 2013 has opened a relevant debate among concerned citizens, civil society organizations, NGO and policy makers concerned with improving air quality. An important statement from a group of european NGO committed to environmental protection has highlighted […]

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Socio Economic implications For Individual Responses to Air Pollution policies in EU +27

SEFIRA has the objective of creating a European coordination of transdisciplinary scientific and socio-economic resources in order to support the review and implementation of air quality legislation by the European Commission (EC) led by DG Environment. SEFIRA will coordinate some of the best scientific and socio-economic resources and will review air quality policies and legislation at the interface between environmental, economic and social sciences in order to achieve a deeper understanding of these complex issues. The main fields involved in the action will be atmospheric sciences, environmental and legal sociology, anthropology, geography and economics.