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Air quality policies of the future, the Sefira project ends, the challenge is in front of us all

Tweet Dear colleagues and friends of SEFIRA FP7 Project After 36 months of work we are pleased to say that the vision that inspired our proposal has given its first good results. A few research papers have been already published and we are confident that the huge amount of data that we have collected through […]

Sefira Stakeholder Meeting Milano, 20 Novembre 2014: video e report della giornata di lavoro

Tweet Il 20 Novembre, presso la sala Congressi del CNR di Milano si è svolto l’incontro nazionale dei portatori di interesse del progetto FP7 Sefira: “Qualità dell’aria e cambiamento climatico: le sfide di fronte a noi”   E’ possibile scaricare cliccando sul link il PDF delle presentazioni di ogni intervento.   -Benvenuto e presentazione del […]

Saharan dust or traffic pollution? Media resonance and air pollution awarness in a UK episode

Tweet From 2nd to 4th of April 2014, South East UK have been affected by a serious air pollution episode that rised a public debate on the socio-economic impacts of this environmental risk. This episode gained high visibility on the mainstream media also because of the combination of phisical and visible elements and changes in […]

EU Air Quality Policies: public debate and Sefira pilot study

Tweet   The recent release of the Clean Air Policy Package by the EU Commission on 18th of December 2013 has opened a relevant debate among concerned citizens, civil society organizations, NGO and policy makers concerned with improving air quality. An important statement from a group of european NGO committed to environmental protection has highlighted […]

EU Clean Air Programme for Europe, out now!

Tweet On 18 December 2013, the European Commission presented a new “Clean Air Programme for Europe” and proposed a revised national emissions ceiling directive and a new directive on establishing emission limits for medium combustion plants. The long-term objective of the EU’s air quality policy is “to achieve levels of air quality that do not […]

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Socio Economic implications For Individual Responses to Air Pollution policies in EU +27

SEFIRA has the objective of creating a European coordination of transdisciplinary scientific and socio-economic resources in order to support the review and implementation of air quality legislation by the European Commission (EC) led by DG Environment. SEFIRA will coordinate some of the best scientific and socio-economic resources and will review air quality policies and legislation at the interface between environmental, economic and social sciences in order to achieve a deeper understanding of these complex issues. The main fields involved in the action will be atmospheric sciences, environmental and legal sociology, anthropology, geography and economics.